Guide to Competitions

Where to Start Competing

Ideally start local and start small. For a young fencer your best opportunities are to enter the Yorkshire Youth League, or the North West Junior Series. For older fencers then its best to start with the Yorkshire regional competitions and then try out small local senior competitions like the York or Leeds Open.

Fencing Kit Required

  • Jacket (min 350n)
  • Breeches (min 350n)
  • Plastron (800N)
  • Glove
  • Mask
  • Minimum 2 Bodywires
  • Minimum 2 Weapons

British Fencing Association (BFA) Membership

All fencers will be required to have British Fencing Association membership in order to participate in a competition, the price of which varies depending on your age. To enter a senior event you must have full British Fencing Association membership.

  • Musketeer (under 13 years old)
  • Cadet/Junior (13 to 20 years old)
  • Full

To purchase British Fencing Membership go to the following


Fencing Age Categories
  • Cadet - A fencer aged under 17
  • Junior - A fencer aged under 20
  • Senior - Any fencers aged 13 and above
  • Veteran - Any fencer aged 40 and above
Competition Series
  • Yorkshire Youth League - This is the Yorkshire region's fencing league and consists of 4 competitions
  • Yorkshire Youth Championships - Yorkshire Championships and qualifier for the British Youth Championships
  • North West Junior Series - North West regions league open to all fencers
  • Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) - national league aimed at fencers under 18
  • BCS - British Cadet Series - national qualifying events for international competitions

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