Joining the Club

Beginners Sessions

As a club we do not offer beginners courses as such, our ethos is to get you the new member involved and part of the club as quick as possible. The upshot is if you wish to join just drop us a line or turn up on a Thursday night at 6pm.

Our minimum age is 6 years old, please bring the following form along if you wish to join.

Please note that in busy times we may only be able to take beginners once or twice a month, please contact us at

First Night at Club

Your first night will be the only night that you are seperate to the main group. We will asign an assistant coach or a coach to you who will take you through the basic footwork and the basic blade movements, as well as the safety aspects of the sport.

You will need to be wearing clothing suitable for sport - not shorts as legs may get hit accidentally. Its also a good idea to bring a drink and to keep it with you.

Club Night

Beginners Session(6:00pm till 7:30pm)

A normal club night consists of a warm up game followed by stretches, footwork, bladework and then either a bit of free fencing or another game.

Advanced Session (7:30pm till 9:30pm)

The later session consists of about 20-30 minutes footwork followed by free fencing on the electric boxes

The term advanced is a loose term and the standard in this session varies from fencers who want to do a bit more to fencers who have fenced as part of the various Great Britain teams.

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