Scorpian Cup – Team Epee

Epee fencers from Skipton Fencing club won the Scorpian cup this weekend. Alan Browne, Seirk Horn and Jim Lockyer entered as the “Old Skiptonians” seeded first in the competition with a +75 indicator, which meant the team had a bye into the last 8 of the event. The team then proceeded to make its way to the final first defeating the Wrexham Veterans, to secure a place in the semi-finals. Then beating “Once. Twice. Two Sirs and a Lady”. It was a close match that was played out to its tactical limit with the Old Skiptonians initially on the back foot they clawed there way back into the game and were eventually had a five point lead going into the last match. Another cagey fight saw the Old Skiptonian victorious and in the finals.

The final match was a tough nail biting finale to a hard day of fencing, with the Old Skiptonians facing Clitheros. The final score was 45-44 with the Old Skiptonians victorious.

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